New Hope Baptist Fellowship
Thursday, March 21, 2019
In the Heart of Cape Coral... With a Heart for Cape Coral.
Wednesday Night Activities include, but are not limited to: Youth Lead Worship with Youth Band, Bible Study, Games, Prayer Groups and more...
Training and equipping students to know, stand for, and share the truth of God is the awesome task of our Student Ministries. Recognizing the special challenges facing students, New Hope provides a cutting edge ministry which appeals to them where they are, without ever compromising the truth of the Gospel. From middle school through high school and college, the Student Ministry is extensive, providing students with a wide range of programs and activities to help them grow in their faith. Each week, many middle school, senior high school, and college students get together at New Hope to study God’s Word, build each other up, and have a good time.
In addition to Sunday morning Bible Fellowship classes and Sunday morning & evening Worship, our young people enjoy Youth Discipleship Training, Youth Prayer Group and Youth choir, which provide them a time to get together with other students in a relaxes atmosphere to enjoy music, drama, and a message from God's Word.

Special events and getaways such as camps, retreats, mission trips and recreational events offer a great time to relax with good friends, meet some new friends, and draw closer to God. And drawing closer to God is what the New Hope Baptist Fellowship’s Student Ministry is all about!