New Hope Baptist Fellowship
Thursday, March 21, 2019
In the Heart of Cape Coral... With a Heart for Cape Coral.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that anointed Bible teaching and preaching is the primary method by which individual lives and the church can be transformed.
  • We believe that all lost people matter to God and are loved by Him and every effort should be made by the church to reach them and love them into His family. 
  • We believe the Church should be culturally relevant, while remaining doctrinally faithful to our biblical principals as a Southern Baptist Church and as particularly stated in the Baptist Faith and Message adopted by the Southern Baptist convention in the year 2000.
  • We believe that all true followers of Christ should demonstrate faithfulness to Him by exemplary living on a daily basis, living holy lives, and always desiring to learn and grow in His grace and knowledge.
  • We believe that authentic Christian fellowship should permeate all aspects of Church life so that all may experience genuine love and acceptance.
  • We believe the Church, the body of Christ, will be most effective when all it's members have discovered their spiritual gifts and are appropriately and faithfully using them in God's kingdom work.
  • We believe that small groups are primarily effective in drawing in new potential converts and facilitating spiritual maturity and fellowship.
  • We believe that purposeful, organized outreach is vital to new prospect discovery and evangelism.
  • We believe that genuine, life-changing worship must be Christ-center, focusing all attention on Him as the sole recipient of our worship.
  • We believe the church must share her blessings and prosperity through ministries focusing on meeting human needs and thus opening doors of opportunity for evangelism and counseling.